My boyfriend (14M) keeps avoiding any couple activities I (14M) offer.

My boyfriend (14M) keeps avoiding any couple activities I (14M) offer.


Well to start, you’re a kid so calm down a little. Second, you’re in different time zones and your only communication is online so naturally you’re not always gonna know what the other person is doing. He could’ve had something else go on or he got tired and fell asleep or he wanted to sleep off his issue. You’re coming off pretty clingy tbh and if all you do is wait by your phone for him to reply to you, it’s going to become a turn off for him. Do your own thing and when it comes time for bed just tell him that you’re going to bed and whatever else you tell him before bed. Be you and do your own thing when he’s busy. Waiting to get a response from him and not doing anything you wanna do wastes time. Also, if he’s not feeling up to watching a movie or playing a game then he isn’t. Him kinda avoiding you after these suggestions also tells me that you kinda pressure him to do stuff with you. Maybe not all the time. Whether you see it or not.


You’re probably right, he does tend to take naps during random times of the day. However, he also kept telling me he does want to for ex. Watch a movie, and we honestly do those kinds of things about once in two months. And usually when I cancelled those kinds of things because I couldn’t wait any longer for him he’d be pretty upset with me too. I really try to give him freedom, I never try to force him into anything, but I could be missing signs, and your perspective on this can be much more clear than mine is. Thank you, I’ll take those things into consideration. And yes, I think my clinginess might be an issue, I think it’s time I begin working on it even sooner. Thanks once again!


Honey, it’s 1am and he’s over 2 hours late with no word. GO TO BED.


True, and I’m honestly getting more and more tired with every minute, not to mention waking up early for school. And it’s not like there’s gonna be no tomorrow lol, Thank you!


Send a message "hey its way past 11 and I haven't heard from you. Hope you're okay. I'm going to bed but ill be up at XX am"


Okay, just did so, thank you! I followed about that kind of format.


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