Citing distractions, New Brunswick Green MP Jenica Atwin crosses floor to Liberals

Citing distractions, New Brunswick Green MP Jenica Atwin crosses floor to Liberals


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I always wonder if party switching members of parliament consult their constituents who voted them in under a certain political party if they are okay with them crossing the floor to another party. Do they think people voted for the person? Or the party they represented and those platforms


Whether the constituents think it or not, you did vote for the person, not the party. Now, I'm sure there is some level of expectation attached to that, but in the end, you ain't voting for Annamie Paul or Trudeau or whoever in NB or ON or SK or AB, you're voting for the specific MP. Given that usually MPs that cross the floor have some influence to wield in Parliament, most constituents would likely be okay with it unless it was a dramatic shift in politics, like NDP to PPC or something like that.


While technically you are voting for the person, the majority of voters in Canada make their decision based on party.


I agree with you, but the majority of voters in Canada should remember that is a social norm, not a legal right. There is nothing to prevent an MP from reversing on a policy platform completely, beyond re-election at some point.


True, but it is also the norm for the MP to lose in the very next election. It is very rare for this not to be the case.


Is that the norm? Do you have a source for that? Not saying I disagree. Just not sure anyone has specifically seen how many MPs who cross the floor lose the next election


It very much depends on if the riding is competitive or not. Leona Alleslev crossed the floor from Liberal to Conservative and did win re-election last time, but her riding is a GTA suburb that swings between Liberal and Conservative. If she held a downtown Toronto riding, she would've lost her bid for re-election guaranteed. Jody Wilson-Raybould managed to hang onto her Liberal stronghold riding as an independent, but that was likely only possible because she got a lot of sympathy votes for being thrown under the bus by Trudeau and I think there was a lot of Liberal-NDP vote splitting going on in her riding too. Crossing the floor is a risky play if you're planning on sticking around beyond the current term. It can work for you if you are very popular personally with your constituents and your riding isn't a loyal stronghold for the party you left, but if your seat is a party stronghold, you probably won't win again unless your departure is the result of a very public scandal that makes your former party look bad.


So basically it's a mixed bag that depends on specific circumstances, and not the norm like the other guy said. I agree.


The ability to switch parties is baked into our form of democracy. It's stunning to me that people don't understand that.


If she was doing a complete 180 and going conservative, yeah. Liberals or NDP are a close fit to Greens. And speaking of the Greens, talk about being self destructive. The whole Israel Palestine thing was totally botched and deservedly blew back on them


She’s in a picture with a guy who gave judicial appointments to most of his neighbours. Gosh, I wonder how they convinced her…


Yikes. If I was a constituent I would be looking to vote her out next election. We're talking about a conflict halfway around the world. is this really your priority as a representative of a riding in Canada? Annamie Paul's position is probably the best one there is. The rhetoric especially from pro-Palestinian groups and supporters (like Atwin) is so bellicose and charged that they only add fuel to the fire of the worst of the worst in Israel and Palestine. It's a complex problem with no easy answers and at least someone (Paul) realizes that.


More proof that they do this for their pensions and not for the people.